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Low Harm Intruder Deterrent Fence Spikes

Lots of pain, but no harm to intruders, trespassers and some animals

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For an effective possum solution.

Use Thorny Devil Spiked Fence Capping as an effective CARRIER for a paste of naphthalene and petroleum jelly, which can be applied as a bead between the rows of spikes, onto the plastic material.

Thorny Devil fence capping is an essential element of an integrated deterrent solution. This is because, although possums can move slowly along the capping, they need to walk with their toes between the spikes and therefore in the repellant paste.

They do not like naphthalene at all and the spikes and PVC material of the fence capping keeps the solution from soaking into the fence material.

Naphthalene flakes will dissolve into petroleum jelly at approx. 75 degrees (or they can be crushed into the jelly using a mortar an pestle) Suggested ratio of 1 Naphthalene to 5 Petroleum Jelly. The petroleum jelly is a waterproof medium which helps the naphthalene to last longer and be more effective. The paste should be applied every 3 weeks, or so, until the possum’s habits are broken (and is probably only need during the flowering/fruiting season).

If the repellent paste is applied in a reasonably thick bead (3-4mm) and left, the surface will lose most of its smell after a few days.

It is only when disturbed by a possum or cat that the naphthalene suspended in the paste will be activated and the animal will then have the mixture on its feet.

Note: Be sure to keep the mixture away from children (Naphthalene is toxic).

TD1 Possum Deterrent

Some “TD1 Possum Deterrent” “caulking gun” style tubes of this base mixture are available in Australia for $19.95 incl. postage if you would like to contact us on 1300 791 598 or via our email.

News & Feedback

  • A) The thorns are short and their apex is purposely made with a radius.
    B) Any painful effect can only be due to pressure applied to the thorns and as cats & possums only weigh a small amount, they are unable to exert harmful pressure.
    C) The thorns are spaced to ensure that animals are made uncomfortable, yet not hurt.
    D) Cats and possums have very keen eyesight and excellent survival skills. They easily recognize the Thorny Devil spikes from a distance; and once they have encountered them, they generally choose to modify their behaviour.
    E) Thorny Devils are low harm, obvious and benign.